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Over 37,000 houses across Europe have been retrofitted to Passivhaus standards. The families typically experience 90% heating energy savings. You do not need a boiler except for hot water and peace of mind.

The reason why only 37,000 families across Europe currently enjoy these benefits is due to the large thickness of insulation required. 3rd Way Super Insulation has overcome both thickness and cost barriers and now enables anyone to enjoy Passivhaus benefits.

A vacuum insulated panel (VIP) is a form of thermal insulation consisting of a gas-tight enclosure surrounding a rigid core, from which the air has been evacuated. It is used in building construction to provide better insulation performance than conventional insulation materials.

Take to scale

We aim to take to scale once partners are ready.  We are in discussion with a potential global partner to build full scale 3rd Way Super Thinsulation production lines for franchisees and licensees and install anywhere in the world. A manufacturing, warehousing and installer training facility would typically employ 100 people and supply around 1,000 installers. Nine of such facilities across the UK working 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week would only meet 5% of UK demand after 5 years.

The Technologies

Since then, Michael has pioneered the revolutionary development and application of the energy-saving and environmentally friendly vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) which are increasingly being recognised as the main hope for the future for energy efficiency in buildings and other applications. The innovative 3rd Way Super Thinsulation, production and quality assurance systems overcome technology and commercial barriers to progress in the building sector and other industries, From the reaction to date, we anticipate rapid business development with key partners who are progressively becoming part of a growing coalition to transform wellbeing.

3rd Way Values

To enable the world to end fuel poverty and transform wellbeing by manufacturing the slimmest insulation panels

Every home in every country will be warm, dry and energy efficient

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